2020 will always be remembered as the year when the world was struck by the pandemic, but for us, it was also the year when we turned a challenging situation into an opportunity. The hotels takeover allowed us to create a unique space where art, luxury, and hospitality intertwined, bringing joy and wonder to all who stepped through our doors.

We saw this as an opportunity to create an extra layer to a dream. We discussed this crazy idea, and we were feeling potential of this ‘ad’venture. We saw it as a chance to not only create a unique and luxurious experience for guests but also to showcase an exquisite jewellery collection and more natural history inspired objects.

Both properties were well-established and had a good reputation in the hospitality industry in Belgium and beyond. The 5-star superior hotel in Lanaken La Butte aux Bois was known for its friendly service and welness arrangements aswell for its 2 star michelin restaurant, making it the perfect setting for a gallery and jewellery boutique.

Hotel Stiemerheide located in the city of Genk has 4 stars and is a real family hotel located in the middle of the woods.

The Botanic Hotel, known for its timeless elegance and enchanting surroundings, was the perfect backdrop for a exciting venture. We initiated a groundbreaking collaboration with the prestigious Schaap and Citroen, a name synonymous with high-end jewelry and timepieces. This partnership bore fruit in the form of a new boutique, strategically located in the heart of Antwerp. 

Despite the challenges we remain determined to make our dream a reality.

As we notice now, we attract visitors from all over the world who are eager to experience the wonders of the Natural World and appreciate the beauty and fun of natural history inspired hospitality.


Contextual Hotel located in the beautiful green surroundings at the entrance gate of the biggest nature reserve of Flanders, Belgium. Offering experience based hospitality, the hotel has an extensive collection of items that showcase the wonders of Mother Nature. From finest gemstones & minerals till rare meteorites from the Moon and Mars. Every corner of the hotel is adorned with exquisite treasures, a haven for nature enthousiasts and those with a keen eye for beauty.
La Butte aux Bois also celebrates the artistic expression of natural history through collaborations with artists.
Let our in-house specialists and story tellers take you on a journey.



An unending pursuit of perfection. Ralf Berendsen, as a chef, continually crafts innovative dishes with his boundless creative talent.



At Le Ciel, Chef Pieter Beurskens artfully blends French-Belgian culinary traditions with global influences to craft dishes that are both approachable and delightfully unexpected.



Hotel Stiemerheide is nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Limburg, surrounded by an exquisite 18-hole golf course. It serves as the home to the renowned restaurants De Kristalijn* and Moonstone.



Discover "De Kristalijn," a Michelin 1-star restaurant nestled in a picturesque natural setting, housed within a magnificent pavilion adorned with contemporary decor and stylish interior design. Embark on an alluring gastronomic adventure expertly curated by Chef Koen Somers.



Situated within the Stiemerheide Hotel, Restaurant Moonstone accentuates its name by adorning its interior with an illuminated moon artwork, harmonizing perfectly with its elegant gray-toned decor. Chef Roos presents a cuisine that is both pure and rich, brimming with expressive flavors.



The Botanic Sanctuary Hotel, an enchanting haven that invites imagination to flourish. It beckons connoisseurs, food enthusiasts, business travelers, design aficionados, spa lovers, and discerning shoppers alike. Granada Gallery and Jochen Leën, both driven by a fervor for the most exquisite and rare gems, found it only fitting to unite their passions within the walls of The Botanic.