As a first generation jewellery designer and rare gem collector, Jochen Leën has forged a remarkably colourful and multi faceted career revolving around exceptional stones.

Since 2008, Leën has been creating one of a kind high-end jewels under his namesake brand, working mainly with niche and rare gems. The gems are excavated in self-contained mines and entrusted to expert gemstone cutters to ensure the highest quality. Leën then utilizes the stones for unique pieces of jewellery, encompassing the entire production process — from design to finish — in his antwerp-based atelier.

The Jochen Leën brand has gained international acclaim and is now instantly associated with precious gems, jewellery and objets d'art,such as paintings and even dinosaurs. The antwerp-based atelier also serves as a gallery for collectors, as well as a meeting point for creatives to collaborate on mutual projects.

Jochen Leën is a top-grade jewellery brand that combines outstandingquality with modern craftsmanship to create truly unique and wearable contemporary artworks.


"I can not dazzle you with a rich history. Like for many first generations starting out, the past years were a true quest and an educational journey. I started jewellery design and goldsmithery in the year 2000. During and after my studies I worked for jewellers and jewellery brands across europe."

2008 - after several years of experience, I started with jewellery and fashion shows to promote my own collection.

2010 - in the year 2010, the Jewellery Design Studio at Relais & Châteaux La Butte Aux Bois was opened in my hometown lanaken.

2012 - in addition to the Jewellery Design Studio, the diamond corporation for research & development is opened, located in the heart of the antwerp diamond area. Diamonds and gemstones for collectors.

2013 - received the hib label, handmade in Belgium, as a recognition of a craftsman's original products. Promoting Belgium as a country of quality.

2014 - building an international private service for lovers of quality and collectors of the finest gemstones.

2015 - expanding our international bespoke jewellery service, investing in the very best gemstones in the market.

2016 - development of a 'bespoke' collector space in the heart of Antwerp's diamond district. JL atelier is a space for dreamers and holds a fine collection of art in combination with the finest gemstones and strives to meet your deepest expectations in fine jewellery design.

2019 - Jochen Leën & Granada Gallery merges into a joint-venture, blending geological relevance with contemporary design objects and modern art with the breathtaking memory of evolution.

2020 - opening a natural history gallery in Lanaken - Belgium

2021 - acquisition of the 5 star superior hotel La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken & Stiemerheide - Belgium

2022 - opening a natural history shop at the Botanic Sanctuary Hotel in partnership with Schaap & Citroen in Antwerp - Belgium.

2023 - opening the Jochen Leën Boutique in the 5 star superior hotel La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken.

A passion for science and the drive to promote research has always been the foundation of granada gallery, leading to a comprehensive fossil collection and acquisition of numerous fossil dig sites in combination with fine minerals and gemstones. Through the leasing of single objects or featured exhibitions, the gallery brings a wide range of scientific specimens to museums and venues around the world. These activities all greatly enhance our ambition to promote higher knowledge and education, sparked by curiosity.We cordially invite you to experience our concept at international events throughout the year or in our gallery in Tucson (USA, Antwerp and Lanaken (BE).

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