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Buggy Purple Garnet


JL Buggy Purple Garnet Ring, 18K White Gold, set with a 3.8ct Oval-cut Purple Garnet and 0.72ct round brilliant natural White Diamonds - VVS quality

Please note that the carat weight, number of stones and dimensions of the center stone and/or other stones/diamonds can vary based on the size of the creation you order.
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Garnet comes in purple, red, orange, yellow, and green. Garnet is never specifically one type; it is a mix of different variants. Most common are red and purple shades, but beautiful specimens of these colors are also rare. Our rich purple variant is a special find and comes from Mozambique. A unique characteristic of this stone is its red fire, which refers to the way it refracts light. Garnet is suited for daily wear, but are prone to scratches.


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