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Jochen Leën

Helix Rainbow


JL Helix Earrings, 18K Rose gold, set with 1.36ct Emerald-cut Tsavorite, 2.2ct Trillion-cut Aquamarine, 4.05ct Oval-cut Tanzanite, 1.32ct Round-cut Pink Tourmaline - 2.42ct Asher-cut Citrine - 0.89ct Round-cut Yellow Sapphire and 1.16ct round brilliant natural White Diamonds - VVS quality

Total weight (2pc): 22,6gr 

Please note that the carat weight, number of stones and dimensions of the center stone and/or other stones/diamonds can vary based on the size of the creation you order.
If you wish for detailed information, please contact us.

Tsavorite is a green garnet variety that can only be found in two small locations in East Africa, namely Tanzania and Tsavo, Kenya. These extremely rare green gemstones are well on their way to becoming the number one green colored stone in the world because they are almost always brighter, more durable, and more beautiful in color. Additionally, they are 200 times rarer than similar emeralds. Garnets are suitable for daily wear, but are prone to scratches.

Aquamarine is the blue variant of the gemstone beryl. The name translates to 'water of the sea', the color is caused by trace elements such as iron. Aquamarine is often a very vivid stone with colors ranging from intense blue to pale green. Due to its hardness, it is perfectly suited for daily wear. Most of our aquamarines come from Mozambique.

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 by the Maasai people at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. At first, it was thought to be sapphire, but soon it was clear that this was a new type of gemstone. They possess excellent trichroism, displaying different colors from various angles. Tanzanite can only be found within an area of 10 km², making it approximately 1000 times rarer than diamonds. These gems are to be worn with caution for scratches, impacts and heat. 

When looking for a pink stone, tourmaline has always been a popular choice. It exists in a wide range of shades, from light to dark. Pink tourmaline comes from Mozambique, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. The color is often a beautiful soft hue, but deeper than, for example, morganite. Tourmalines are to be worn with caution for scratches, impacts and heat.

Citrine is primarily sourced from various locations around the world, including Brazil, Bolivia, Zambia, and Madagascar.
Known for its transparent yellow to brownish-orange variety of quartz, Citrine is a warm and vibrant color.

Yellow sapphire, also known as "Pukhraj" in Hindi, is a precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum mineral family, just like blue sapphires and rubies. It is characterized by its vibrant yellow color and is highly valued for its beauty and rarity. Yellow sapphires are typically found in several locations around the world, including Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, and various parts of Africa.

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